Sunday, 9 September 2012

Degree for sale

Mr Investigator, the Guest Columnist of Malaysia in Crisis reported...

The fiasco of faked university once again appeared to be more serious than anyone ever thought. Article published by New Strait Times recently shall be viewed seriously by all Malaysian and can one imagine if we are graduated or supervised by a "PhD Doctor" who is using the faked qualification to employ as lecturer. 

University students have to work hard towards achieving their degree scroll and yet there are some who easily purchase their university degree without having to study and sit for an exam.
UiTM and UTM which are Malaysia Public University is the new target by irresponsible traders who offering degree for sale at a price of RM 5,800 for a Diploma, RM 7,800 for a Degree and RM 9,800 for a Master Degree.

The question is why such activities still exist and do they  fear of any action against them? Or the demand makes them earn easy money that leads them to continue producing fake degrees for their customers.

Sample degree of UTM recently discovered another fake degree scandal involving UiTM and UTM University. The below email exchange is self explanatory to reveal the communication and how they operate the scam.

UiTM and UTM become a new target for fake degrees and is time for universities to look at the security features for their degree scroll which is unique and not merely a print with serial number.

Online advertisement offering Malaysia University Degree For Sale is easily available online for any serious buyer.

Online advertisement degree at RM 3,500
The university shall be proactive to investigate and monitor such activities online as its involve their university reputation and credibility of their degree. Can one imagine what will happen if a "Doctor" with fake degree qualification  prescribe you with a medicine or "Civil Engineer" building a high rise building building with a fake degree qualification? 

Inquiry Made by malaysiacrisis. blogspot as a "buyer" known as Mohd Zainal Hamid and transaction of email exchange as below describe  how easy to purchase degree online and mode of operation by the seller.

The seller identified himself as "Deen Mat" can be contacted at his mobile number given. We have contacted him Mr Deen Mat several times to purchase Degree from UTM and Master Degree from UiTM and lead to the revelation of his  bank account details which clearly stated in the email exchanges.

However, the final disclosure reveals the beneficiary to receive payment for this transaction is YONG PICK ...... with account no:  (Alliance Bank) reveal how online Malaysia University Degree can be purchased without the hassle to attend class and sit for an exam. Instant graduate with Public University Accreditation. Below is the exchange of communication of "willing buyer acted as Mohd Zainal" with online seller.

The above email clearly shows the easiest way for one to obtain a university degree without having to sit for an exam or the needs to wait for years prior graduation. How many Malaysians out there actually using fake degree?
It is beyond doubt such business only exist when there is great demand from buyer and this proved in several cases involving a fake degree even to various well known person like Tan Sri , Datuk and others.

The authority shall investigate who is responsible and  to trace the account holder and asses the link to the seller. 


  1. Bhai MC...

    Giler gempak... gua ingat cuma UUM jer terlibat ... rupanyer .... UiTM dan UTM pon ader gak ker... lar... aper nak jadi lar...

  2. Mcm ni punya org pun ada...dh kna tangkap ker???aper la..

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  10. Not recognized , so its fake anyway and useless , I don't know how they use such kind of fake certificates , by the way Universities in Malaysia very strict , and impossible that any University involve in such activities, its big loss for them!!


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